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We want to publish FAQ's from a custom object in our salesforce org to a site.com page.  We are pulling both the question and answer onto a site.com page with a repeater, but we'd like to show a list of questions and toggle the answer content  (hidden on load) when the end user clicks on the question. If I set up an event on the repeater and then click on a question, it toggles the answers for all questions because it can't determine the unique id of each question/answer.


Is is possible to create a unique ID for a repeater element that would allow me to use an accordion script to toggle show/hide on the answer?


I am new to javascript/jquery so apologies if this isn't a very informed question.


Thanks for the help,



Hi there,

In site.com . . . I want to limit the number of child items that show in a menu on my page. For example, I have a vertical menu on the left side of my pages, and I only want it to show the parent and 1 level of child items. I see a link to a "Use Other Map" in the Menu Source drop down but it crashes everytime I try it?


Is there another way to limit what the menu displays?