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I have been researching this for 30 minutes (and have tried researching it in the past), but I cannot find an answer:


Does anyone know what encoding Apex Data Loader uses to write to CSV if the writeUTF8 setting is False?



I am trying to save an Apex Class from IDE, however keep getting this error

Schedulable class has jobs pending or in progress.

How or where to find the jobs pending/ in progress for this class?

We are currently running numerous soql queries via the rest api.


The issue we see is that sporadically throughout the day we will receive


"message"=>"Your query request was running for too long.", "errorCode"=>"QUERY_TIMEOUT"


errors.  The same queries will run fine at diffferent times during the day as well..


So my quesiton is what are the limits/timeout settings using the REST API.  In the documentation I don't see anything about how to set a time out or any limit settings, like we could do in the SOAP API..  We think it appears to be timing out around 1 minute.


Any help is appreciated..