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I'm trying to create a multi-picklist on an opportunity page comprised of items added to a custom object (titled 'Redemption Locations') attached to the associated account page. Essentially, the object on the account page has several "Redemption Locations" and I would like those all to appear on the opportunity page in a multi-picklist (or something of that nature).


So far, I've created a junction object on the opportunity page. However, the fields I've been able to create on the junction object can only look up all opportunities or all "Redemption Locations" that exist in our system.

I have a feeling I'm doing the junction object thing wrong and thats why I'm having so many issues.

Any suggestions?

Note: I'm currently working on our staging site.


I added several new picklist values to a custom object, but not all of them are showing up on the object in the opportunity. I've checked to make sure that the object field matches the object field I'm looking at on the opportunity, so I'm not sure whats going on. Has anyone run into this before?



  • April 24, 2012
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I'm trying to create a validation rule for opportunities that prompts an error message when an opportunity is marked as Closed Won that a Projected Run Date that is less than 14 days from today. Here is the formulas I've got going so far:


ISPICKVAL( StageName , "Closed Won")), 
(Projected_Run_Date__c > TODAY() - 14))


Thanks for any help you can offer!

  • April 19, 2012
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