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I have been trying to deploy .workflow files retrieved from a Salesforce org using ant back to the same Salesforce org using ant. It doesn't work. No matter what I try, Salesforce says that all of the names of the alerts, rules, fieldUpdates, etc. in the .workflow files are missing from the package.xml. I've tried both "*" and listing every single name in the package.xml. I've tried adding objectName. qualifications to the names in the .workflow file and the package.xml file. Same error, only with the qualifiers added to the "missing" names. I've tried deploying the workflows back using Eclipse (with the Force.com IDE). Same errors, differently phrased by the IDE.

These are freshly retrieved .workflow files, no alterations to either the .workflow or the package.xml used to retrieve them.

Has anyone out there done this successfully?

Is there any way to access the information, such as TimesOpened in the EmailStatus object using Apex? Records in this object are referenced by a Task.Id, but I don't seem to be able to write a SELECT that can fetch the information.


Thanks for any help.


How can Apex code access whether an HTML email, associated with a task, has been opened and how many times it has been opened. This appears on a Contact related list, but it is not evident, to me, where this information is stored, or how to get at it.