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I've built an application that queries salesforce and brings some data on to our client's server.  Each client must supply login credentials to the application before it is run.  So we are purchasing each client a Customer Portal Manager license.


The application was built using code generated from an Enterprise WSDL and works flawless with a user on a regular license.  However, the portal user gets 'Invalid Login...'  It seems that this may be related to the fact that LoginScopeHeader must be used to facilitate a Customer Portal Manager login - is that true?  If so, does that mean the application needs to be reworked to use the Partner WSDL?  Is there any other way around this?



Our clients are asking for verification that Salesforce is PCI DSS Compliant.  What is the best way to verify this and present to our client?

I have created a trigger which simply fails to update a field and I can't see why.


The tirgger looks at a new task coming in and compares the phone number on the task (t.Five9__Five9DNIS__c) with a phone number on the contact.  If they don't match.  Then it sets a custom field on the task.


I have have set up a test.   When I run it I use debug statements in the trigger to verify:  

* the trigger correctly identifies the mismatch

* the value of the field is changed.


However, the assertEquals (the final line in the test) fails!


What gives?


The Trigger:


trigger CheckPhoneMatch on Task (before insert, before update) {

    list<id> contactIds = new list<id>();
    for (Task t : trigger.new)
    map<id,contact> contactMap = new map<id,contact>([Select Id, FirstName, LastName, DonorId__c, Phone from contact Where Id in :contactIds ]);
    // list<task> updatedTasks = new list<task>();
    for (Task t : trigger.new)
        contact c = contactMap.get(t.whoid);
        System.Debug('/n/n*******       Phone ' + c.Phone + ' DNIS: ' + t.Five9__Five9DNIS__c + '       ********');
        if (c != null)
            if (t.Five9__Five9DNIS__c != c.Phone)
                System.Debug('DNIS DOES NOT MATCH');
                t.MismatchPhone__c = true;
                System.Debug('VAL IS: ' + t.MismatchPhone__c);                


The Test (only the final block of code is relevant):


private class TriggerTests {

   static testMethod void contactBeforeUpdate()
     contact c = new contact();
     c.lastname = 'Smith';
     insert c;
     c.address1__c = '123 Main Street';
     c.email = 'test@company.com';
     c.Phone = '1234567890';
     update c;

     user u2 = [select id from user where isactive = true limit 1];
     task t = new task();
     t.ownerid = u2.id;
     t.whoid = c.id;
     t.subject = 'test';
     t.CallDisposition = 'Yes - Gift Info Acquired';
     t.Five9__Five9DNIS__c = '1234567890';
     insert t; 
     System.assertEquals(false, t.MismatchPhone__c);

     <OMITTING IRRELEVANT TESTS>               
     task t3 = new task();
     t3.ownerid = u2.id;
     t3.whoid = c.id;
     t3.subject = 'test2';
     t3.CallDisposition = 'Callback';   
     t3.Five9__Five9DNIS__c = '0987654321';
     insert t3;
     // THIS LINE FAILS!!!!!
     System.assertEquals(true, t3.MismatchPhone__c);




Our clients are asking for verification that Salesforce is PCI DSS Compliant.  What is the best way to verify this and present to our client?

Hi There,


I'm a newbie to SalesForce (so please bare with me... :-)),

I'm trying to add an iFrame to objects such as Lead, Account, Contact etc... I was able to add it to the Home menu, but I couldn't find the same functionality to the other objects.

(under App Setup --> Customize --> Home --> Home Page Components)


The end product should contain an iframe with a dynamic URL.


I did create an VF component with the following source:


<apex:component >
<apex:iframe src="SomeURL"

But I did not find the place it should go.


Thank you,