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I am trying to receive a JSON string in salesforce by converting a blob in the body of an Http request. However, when I convert the blob to a string, \ characters get inserted before the quotation marks, which prevents me from parsing.

I tried to take the string and remove all \ characters by using the string.removeAll() method... but that didn't work either.


    RestRequest req =RestContext.request;
Blob jsonBlob = req.requestBody;
String jsonString = jsonBlob.toString();
return jsonString;

The original string (the one that is received as a blob) looks like this:



And after converting to a salesforce string and assigned to the jsonString is altered to:


    {\"putTimeCard\":{\"timecard\":{\"timeCardID\": \"\",\"employeeID\": \"\"}}


Has anyone found a solution for this? Thanks

I am implementing a method that receives an authentication token from a user. Based on that token, how can I get the ID of the user that owns the token? The method is being called by an iPhone application. Here is the method declarartion:


global static void getItems(String authToken)