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what language does salesforce support?

How to work with Account Teams  in Account ?

How to add a Vf page to a profile?
Can anybody help me solve this problem.

I want to a facebook app where from I need to login and do DQL & DML operation for Force.com. i want to use facebook to salesforce integration using rest api.

please sent me the structure of test class?

How to delete the User from Salesforce?

what are the validation rules? how to create a validation rule?

tell me about Analytical Snapshots?

How to enable Territory Management?

please tell me about Encrypted Fields in brief? thanks in advanced.?

Using Standardcontroller Account ,how can i get the contact records?

Where we can use External ID, Except in Data Loader?

I have few reports and the reports belong to different folders.
I want to place all the reports in to one folder. Instead of going to a report and renaming the report folder. Can we do this through any update (thru data loader)?

how we create field set on our org and how can use on my visualforce page?

Hi All,

i am new salesforce user.
how to generate reports in salesforce? Is there any tools for generating reports.

Example: $ObjectType.Object__c.Fields.CustomField__c.Label

But, How to retrieve Label of Custom Field in Apex class?

I have 2 strings contating words separated by comma.
I want to compare the two strings.
String2={software Developer,Java,cloud,apex};
can anyone hepl me doing this.

List<Account> newAccount = new List<Account>();
List<Account> newAccount;