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Hi All,

I've created a flow that populate and lookup data for custom object. That is Events and Venue. The relationship is lookup relationship. But there is a problem that occur when I added new custom field into Venue Object. When I'm assign the newly added custom field into flow variable within Record Lookup element there is error message. You can try for yourself with below link




I think the problem is we need to recalculate object permission for the newly added custom field. But I don't know how.


Please kindly help.





I've a visualforce page that embedded with flow using <flow:interview> tag. My flow running correctly on salesforce.com environment. In this flow there is Record Create element. This flow can create Contact and Custom Object named Registration.

I've also set up Site so that visitor can running this flow. I've also set the public access setting for this site that allow user to read and create standard and custom object.

The problem is when visitor have reached step 6 / 7 and hit Next button there is error message about authentication. From what I've seen is that the error occurs when Custom Object is created from Record Create element in the flow. But what makes it bizzare is the flow running smoothly on salesforce.com Flow manager

Below is my site link so that you guys can help me troubleshoot this issue.




Thanks & Regards




I've installed Force.com IDE standalone version and have an issue about it. When it start the, File menu only have limited option. There is no New menu that must be click to create new Force.com Project. It seems that my Force,com IDE installation do not have enough priveleges.


I've install it on Windows XP SP3 machine. I've also JRE 7.0 installed.


Please help


Thanks & Regards,