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I need to implement a REST service that returns data in JSONP format (JSONP format required for cross-domain ajax calls). I'm calling this service by jQuery ajax. But it always raises error : Error jQuery17109439062654184185_1342893046903 was not called.

The reason is that REST API only supports JSON and XML. In this case JSONP always returned as a XML. I'm wondering is there any workaround for this?


Here is my apex code:


global class noqBookingService {

global class BookingStatus {
    global String ReferenceId { get; set; }
    global integer Threshold { get; set; }

    global static String getQueueStatus() {
        String referenceId = req.params.get('referenceId');
        String jsonp_callback = req.params.get('callback');
        BookingStatus status = new BookingStatus();
        status.ReferenceId = referenceId;
        status.Threshold = 8;
        return jsonp_callback+'(['+JSON.serialize(status)+'])';        

 Visualforce code:


$(document).ready(function() {
            dataType: 'jsonp',
            contentType: 'application/javascript',
            success: function(status){ alert('success');},
            error:function(xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError){ alert('error:'+thrownError);}


  • July 21, 2012
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I created an  Authenticated Website User License.

While creating  this User License I found in the profile that only 

Standard Object Permissions is to "Document" only.

There was no permission to other Standard Object like Contact,Account.


To test this I created a VF page called 'My Page' which inserts a record to the Contact.

The user after login 'My Page' is displayed and when the button in the 'My Page' is clicked

a new Contact record is created.


I am very much surprised that in profile there is no permission for Contact,

but Authenticated Website User was able to create a new record in the Contact....!