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Hi All,

  I have created an Action with Action Type as 'Custom Visualforce' for a Custom object. Once I click on the the action button from my record details page the specified visualforce is invoked, which has an extension controller class that does my requirement. In my controller I am redirecting to specific URL based on some condition. I am able to see a pop up window even if I am redirecting the page to another URL/same record URL. How can I avoid this?

Is there any way to hide the pop-up window/action modal in case of redirecting the page?(I am not using Lightning component).

Hey folks,


I experience a OpportunityTeamMember data deletion, if I change the owner of the opportunity.

How can I prevent this? Even with a new owner I want to keep the opportunity team!


Thank you ver much

Josh :-)

I need to export a report as a CSV to an FTP site or email it on a daily or weekly basis.


I have a Report.  I need to get the report out of Salesforce somehow into CSV format.


Ideally, this would be scheduled.

I'm a developer so I can do developer stuff.  However, I don't know APEX and I don't know VisualForce.  I can get someone to do that stuff if we need to.


  • July 26, 2011
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I've created a wrapper around Apex's Crypto class so I could have consistent handling of the encrypt and decrypt functions and hide most of the input params to those functions.  I'm storing the 3 blobs that encypt and decrypt as base64 encoded strings and then base64 decoding them before use.  Encyption works fine.  I get this error when decrypting:


06:25:30.433|USER_DEBUG|[103]|DEBUG|Key size = 16
06:25:30.433|USER_DEBUG|[104]|DEBUG|Vector size = 16
06:25:30.433|USER_DEBUG|[105]|DEBUG|Auth size = 48
06:25:30.433|METHOD_ENTRY|[108]|system.Crypto.decrypt(String, Blob, Blob, Blob)
06:25:30.434|METHOD_EXIT|[108]|system.Crypto.decrypt(String, Blob, Blob, Blob)
06:25:30.436|FATAL_ERROR|System.SecurityException: Given final block not properly padded

I'm using the 128 bit AES option.  You can see from the log that my key, vector, and ciphertext (Auth) are multiple of 8.  I don't want to provide the base64 encoded ciphertext here, but it's 64 characters; however, It does not end in "==".  Since I'm using encrypt to create it, what else must be done to get this to work?  I'm only using ASCII characters in my cleartext when encrypting.  Could SF's implementation of the base64 encoding/decoding not handle round trips with certain characters?


Thanks in advance,


  • March 08, 2011
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I'm just using the XMLStreamWriter to generate an XML String which I am then passing to a web service. I need to generate a string that starts:



<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>

So far I have:



XmlStreamWriter w = new XmlStreamWriter();
w.writeStartDocument(null, '1.0');

But I can't see anyway of adding the standalone attribute to the document start or the DOCTYPE tag to the next line.


Does anyone know how this can be achieved using the XMLStreamWriter?








We are using a partner portal.  We need to remove the View Hierarchy link from the account page.  It shows all accounts, not just the accounts the partner owns.  (It isn't the sharing rules, everything is private so if they click on an account it says Insufficient Privileges).  I only want to remove the hierarchy link from the partner view, not all views so we need to take the profile into consideration.


I've created a vf page that works, but how do I override the standard View of accounts for just 1 profile?


Does any one have any suggestions?  I am desperate!

  • December 03, 2009
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I'm frequently getting the error "System.CalloutException: Read timed out" on an HTTP Service (RESTful) call I am making from an Apex class.

It doesn't appear to be a proxy/firewall issue as I *am* able to get a response.   I think I just have a slow server on the other end.

Is there any way to increase the timeout period on this call to ensure that the web service has time to respond?