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I am new to the Visual Flow. I seem to have the following limitations while using Visual FLOW. Any help/suhggestions will be appreciated.

1) I am unable to use flow to control the layout of the UI. For e.g. I have to place the fields in 3 different columns but I am unable to do so using FLOW. The layout of the fields is always is in one column.

2) I want the dependent picklist functionality in the same screen. For e.g. if I select make of the car as "Honda" from a picklist, then the model picklist should show only relevant models in the same screen without the user clicking on the Next button.


3)  If the user selects the radio button "yes" to one of the question, the next 2 questions should show up without having the user click on the Next busson (viz. partial page refresh).

After watching the webinar on the mobile sdk I downloaded the Contact Viewer app from github and deployed the code to my free developer org but I keep getting "Failed to obtain access" message from the site. I followed the instructions on the readme to the point except


" 4. Lastly, you need to whitelist the instance URL on which your users will live. You can add that whitelist from Setup -> Security Controls -> Remote Site Settings"


Since I'm just doing this to self test its alright to skip this step, I really don't know the case where I would need to whitelist the URL.


Any ideas on that "Failed to obtain access" message would be amazing, since I really want to jump into the html5/hybrid app bandwagon with salesforce.



  • January 16, 2012
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