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Hi Guys,


If there's a way to delete related list when parent is set to private?.




I have a 2 users. User X and User Y with same Role Hierarchy. Then I set up the Permission Set give delete access on the object. and I also create a public group then tick the Grant Access Using Hierarchies.


I logged as a User X When I tried to Delete the Related List Created by User Y. System said that User X don't have access to delete the record.


please share you thoughts and ideas.


I hope someone help me to my problem.




HI Guys,


if there's a way to replicate the sorting of the Email Message from the other instance? here what I did, we have two Intance for example Instance 1 and Instance 2, the instance 1 has Email Message then I want to convert the email message data to instance 2 thru data loader. I did sort by Message Date but the sorting in instance 2 are not correct... I hope you answer my inquiry. thanks in advance.



Hi All,


I want to display a date field value in Visualforce page.


Accoring to user "locale" selection... the date format should get change.


if the user is from US then date should display as "MM/DD/YYYY" format and For UK user date should display as "DD/MM/YYYY" format.


Any possible solution?


Many thanks,

In my visual force page I have the following line that display date : 1/21/2010 9:37 PM

<apex:outputField value="{!invitation.Account_group__r.Submission_Due_Date__c}"/>



I want to display date as : Jan 21, 2010 9.37 PM pst


Do I have to convert to string in my controller and display parsed data in visual force page?


Is there any format that I can give in my style(css) that will display date in the format I want?




  • January 12, 2010
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