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i have used this method for converting string date to integer date


String[] myDateOnly = dateFrom.split(' ');
String[] strDate = myDateOnly[0].split('/');
Integer myIntDate = integer.valueOf(strDate[0]);  //getting error: invalid Integer
Integer myIntMonth = integer.valueOf(strDate[1]);
Integer myIntYear = integer.valueOf(strDate[2]);
Date d = Date.newInstance(myIntYear, myIntMonth, myIntDate);


Please help me in this

  • September 19, 2012
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Can some one help/ give idea on how to write a Opportunity VF page to auto populate Probability & Forecast category when stageName changed. Was this possible ?,if so please give some idea / sample code.

Thanks a lot inadvance!

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  • September 18, 2012
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I need to create a schedular which will find all opportunity whose status is lost and will create campaign for them and add their contact as campaign member.


Can any one help me how to validate password should contain atleast one numeric, 1 alpha numeric and 1 special charaters


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Interview question: Can we write SOQL query in validation rule? Can anybody answer it for me?