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I've searched on the boards but haven't found an answer. We have the following case:


We have a lot of fields we need to validate. Some must be > 0, some may not exeed an certain amount, etc...

Instead of copying the same message over and over again by every field, I want to have only a few messages like:

"&1 must be > 0"

"&1 to large".

Where the &1 represents the field. For example:


"BookID must be >0"

"DVDID must be >0"

"BookTitle to large"

"DVDTitle to large"


When we can use a parameters (&1) to represent the fields, we don't have to go through every seperate field to change the message, but I only have to change the message itself.


Does anyone have any idea if an if so, how this is possible?



Hilco Joling