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Its an urgent.

Switching to community from global header  causes default user log in.

In Salesforcr 1 I am trying to swtch  community through global header but its showing as Default user as logged in irrespective of logge din user.

Is there any solutions for this issue.

It would be better 

Thank in advance.
Can anybody provide the steps  to integrate salesforce with windows xp/7 Single sign on.
I am unable to get  the Authontication Certificate from windows 7/XP.

It could be greate if anybody provide the solution/Steps for this.

Thank you in advance.
Can anybody provide the steps  to integrate salesforce with windows xp/7 Single sign on.
I am unable to get  the Authontication Certificate from windows 7/XP.

It could be greate if anybody provide the solution/Steps for this.

Thank you in advance.

I need Picklist values in BusinessProcess for Lead in Apex.
Can anybody please tell me the approach to get those values in APEX.
I required values while converting the lead to assign the lead status status.

I would be greatefull if anybody shows the approach.

Hi ,

I was developed apex visual force charts ,in that i want adjust number intervals with multiples of 5 on Y-axis.So is it possible to show.If it is possible please help me out.
//For Encryption I used This:
Blob cryptoKey =EncryptURLClass.cryptoKeyVal;//// getting Static variable from public  class
 Blob data = Blob.valueOf(userName);
 Blob encryptedData = Crypto.encryptWithManagedIV('AES128', cryptoKey, data)
 strEncrptedData= EncodingUtil.base64Encode(encryptedData); 
 return pageref;  

After redirecting to this page I taken the uname(in Encrypted form) and performd as below

//For Decryption I followed this way.(This is in another class,I mean i am dng encryption in one class,decryption in another class)
      blob data = EncodingUtil.base64Decode(encryptdta);  
      Blob cryptoKey = EncryptURLClass.cryptoKeyVal;// getting Static variable from public  class
      Blob decryptedData = Crypto.decryptWithManagedIV('AES128', cryptoKey, data);
     string uname= decryptedData.toString();

I have getting below error:
Visualforce Error

System.SecurityException: Given final block not properly padded.

I Know that it becs of missmatch of key,thats y i have using same key from another class as static val.

Can you please share ur thoughts on the desired approach.
Thank you.

Is anyone help to get the output for Below code? Some Encoding and decoding problem in my data.


My output::




My code:

String url = 'https://developer-edition.na9.force.com/MMMS/sitelogin?goto=%2Fapex%2FUnauthorized%3FstartURL%3D%252FSMS%252FHomepage';
url = url.substringAfter('startURL');
String encoded = EncodingUtil.urlEncode(url, 'UTF-8');
String decoded = EncodingUtil.urlDecode(encoded, 'UTF-8');




while creating workflow on task object, SendEmail action is not available.


can you please explain what is the reson for that.


hello group,



               i hav developed 2 vf pages enquiry and student, in enquiry i hav a picklist field called status(converted,pending, not converted).and also i hav some records in enquiry. so my requirement is when i click converted in status piclist,

the records associated with 'convetred' should move from 'enquiry' to 'student'.

      pls send me code for this requirement 

             can any one help me ,


           thanks for giving reply(in advance)

Hi guys,


Can you clarify the meaning and execution process of both system mode and user mode?





I am Nagesh. I am new dev for Force.com.

I want to find, How can we read files using apex language on force.com platform.


Is there any way to read property files???


I have tried following ways to read file but i havn't get success.

1) create simple file 'Temp.properties' in staticResource in force IDE. and try to populate it from StaticResource Table.

2) Using file app upload a file and try to populate it from Document Table.

In both case, No rows generated.


Please help me to solve this problem.

Send mail on::



Thanks in advanced




I need a popup to be displayed when user changes the opportunity stage to a proposal stage and when he saves the page.  I am using standard controller.  If not direct approach do we have any alternative approach  using triggers or some thing like that. We have around 500 fields on that opportunity object. 


Please suggest.