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Good Morning,

What I want to do is filter the contents of a primary query, and if that query returns records me then that those records are not listed in the second query.


by ejemple:


I want the result of this query:


DetProdAgre= [Select id,name, Nombre_SubCategoria__c ,Num_Doc__c,  Descripcion_de_Documento__c    , Categoria_TC__c, Numero_de_Tarjeta__c, Nombre_del_Cliente__c, Fecha_Documento__c from Detalle_ProductosTC__c where ProductosTC__c=:system.currentpageReference().getparameters().get('idProdTc')order BY name ];


I leaked this one:



sumarioDetDoc=[select id,name,Descripcion_del_Documento__c,Fecha_del_Documento__c,Nombre_del_Documento__c,ProductosTC__c,Prop_Doc__c,Nombre_Categoria_TC__c,SubCategoria__c,Nombre_de_Cliente__c,Nombre_del_Cliente__c from Detalle_de_Documento__c where Nombre_del_Cliente__c = :system.currentpageReference().getparameters().get('idcliente')AND
Nombre_Categoria_TC__c IN ('Soporte de Ingreso','Sistemas de Referencias','Sin Clasificacion','Analisis Tarjeta de Credito','Contrato de TC')order by  name ];


and filter it for the Num_Doc__c, since in the first query the object has a relationship with the Detail Records. And the second list the details of Documents.

In if you want is to have a record hacerce document number, and no more is listed on the page.


I hope you understand me and can help me, it's urgent!




 Thanks for responding, and I solved