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Im Getting the Pop up but cannot get the Checkbox to gert checked if they click OK


function confirmation() {
var answer = confirm('If this is a CO-OP Opportunity, CLICK OK?');
if (answer==True) {
return false;



I have been presented with a new requirement and am at my wits end as to how to start off. I am a newbie to this so please be gentle with me.


What our company is looking for is a visualForce opage that has a column for each opportunity stage and populates the opportunity name and amount for the specific rep that opens the page(would be a tab).  I.e


Propsect                         Needs Analysis(25%)                                                       Presentation (50%)      

Opp. A $1,200                Opp D $5,600                                                                     Opp M $7,800         

Opp. X $1,200                Opp K $5,600                                                                      Opp V $7,800

Opp. L $1,200                Opp C $5,600                                                                      Opp W $7,800


                                         Total =25%*sum of opps in stage                                  Total=50%*sum of Opps in Stage

Hi Folks..


Was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me..


With Outlook for Salesforce if I send an email to one of my contacts from Salesforce with an attachment does the email and attachment sync to Outlook?


Or if I am in outlook (lets say out and about with my mobile device) and I send an email to a contact and I include an attachment does that then sync backto salesforce?