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Hello everyone,


We are trying to use the new API Salesforce made available during Winter '13: Test.setMock.

We followed the documentation, but encountered the following issue that we were unable to resolve: a System.CalloutException, complaining that we had "uncommitted work pending".


Of course we do, our testmethod starts by setting up some Test Data that's necessary for the test to work, and that includes inserting and updating data.

In an actual execution, there would be no data creation, as the data would already be present. Actually doing the callout doesn't raise the Uncomitted work pending exception, so the Test Data really is at fault.


We did use Test.startTest() and Test.stopTest() to differentiate Test Data creation from Test Execution but this (as expected) didn't work.

We also tried some hacks, including the System.runAs(new User( Id = UserInfo.getUserId()){} that had, in the past, allowed us to circumvent "Mixed DML operations". This didn't work either.


We considered using the Test.loadData method, but we're inserting related objects and couldn't figure out a clean enough way to make it work (maybe we should try using ExternalID's?).



For the moment, our workaround is to modify the class generated from the WSDL, adding a if (Test.isRunningTest()) {} else {}, but that means we have to modify the autogenerated code, which is suboptimal.



Did anyone try to use this new API and run into the same issue? How did you solve it?

According to the documentation you should be able to create a map of Id or String to SObject from a list of sObjects and Database.query() returns a list of sObjects.   However, the following code will not compile/execute:

Map<Id, sObject> accounts = new Map<Id, sObject>( Database.query( 'SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 5' ) );

Also, map.putAll() should work similarly but gives the same error message.   Example of broken code:

Map<Id, sObject> accounts = new Map<Id, sObject>();
accounts.putAll( Database.query( 'SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 5' ) );

It looks like the map constructor and putall are expecting a list of explicit object types, not generic sObjects.  According to the documentation, a generic sObject list should work.

See the definition of Map.putAll() here:


It states:

If the map is of IDs or Strings to sObjects, adds the list of sObject records l to the map in the same way as the Map constructor with this input.


Actually, with further testing it doesn't appear that I can get putAll() to work at all on a map of Id to sObject whether the input is a list of explicit types (say List<Account> ) or a list of sObjects.

  • February 11, 2010
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