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I'm trying to write a query which will pull back a custom field from leads for a specific set of activities

I've tried the query below but cannot figure out how to tunnel into the Leads table to get at the field i want (Solution_Type__c)

Can someone help me?


SELECT Id, subject, Who.Name, Who.Id.Solution_Type__c  FROM Task Where Webform_completed__c != NULL AND CreatedDate = Last_month And IsDeleted != TRUE

I'm trying to write an SOQL query which will return the list of campaign members that have a create date the same as their related lead.

This is what I have written but the CreatedDate = Lead.CreatedDate condition is not working for me.

Can anyone help me?


SELECT Id, CreatedById, CreatedDate,LeadId, Lead.LeadSource, Campaign.Type
FROM CampaignMember cm WHERE cm.CreatedDate = Lead.CreatedDate AND cm.CreatedById NOT IN ('00520000001dRbb', '00520000001d89w')

Is it possible to create a custom submit for approval button?

I want to use onclick javascript

I cannot get Excel Connector to work for me since yesterday

I am getting the following Error when I try to log in via Excel Add-In


When I browse to the login Url



the following Error is displaying



Problem accessing /services/Soap/c/21.0. Reason:

    GET not supported

 Would anyone out there know what I need to do to make this work?

We are in Europe and our Salesforce Org split over the weekend - it used to be on emea.salesforce.com and now it is eu3.salesforce.com, could it have anything to do with that?






We are a SaaS business and are about to start using Products and Quotes.

The requirement is that we Display MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in the Opportunity (because this is what the Sales people use for their monthly targets) but that we display YRR (Yearly Recurring Revenue) in the Quotes we send to customers.


I was considering using Product Revenenue Schedules...


Is this possible? 



I'm trying to use flow to allow users the ability to use a wizard when adding line items to opportunities.

I have 2 problems:
1. I'm not sure how to tell the flow to look up the opportunity ID of the Opportunity I run the flow from.
I have added a custom ' add products' button in Opportunity screen.

2. I cannot figure out how to create multiple line items and add them to my opportunity
I am using dynamic choices to present options to the users, and they can select more than 1 product from the multi-select picklist. After I select (only) a single product I keep getting an unhandled error message.

Does anyone know of anywhere I can go to see an example of how this type of scenario would work?

I've been tasked with deleting many documents that were contributed to many libraries.

Is it possible to mass delete them?

What Content table should i use?