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We are currently running numerous soql queries via the rest api.


The issue we see is that sporadically throughout the day we will receive


"message"=>"Your query request was running for too long.", "errorCode"=>"QUERY_TIMEOUT"


errors.  The same queries will run fine at diffferent times during the day as well..


So my quesiton is what are the limits/timeout settings using the REST API.  In the documentation I don't see anything about how to set a time out or any limit settings, like we could do in the SOAP API..  We think it appears to be timing out around 1 minute.


Any help is appreciated..

Hi all,

I was happily humming along writing my Case before insert trigger, but when I wrote my tests, they all failed.  This appears to be due to the fact that Trigger.newMap is coming up null, and I'm trying to use it late in my trigger.  Meanwhile, Trigger.new works just fine.

I added this code to the very beginning of my trigger:

trigger CaseAutocreateContact on Case (before insert) {
      System.debug(Trigger.newMap == null?'Trigger.newMap is null!':'Trigger.newMap is populated.');

And lo and behold when I run my tests I see:

    20081107011750.678:Trigger.CaseAutocreateContact: line 2, column 5: Trigger.newMap is null!

What gives here?  How can Trigger.new be populated but Trigger.newMap be null?  My trigger is using the 14.0 endpoint.