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I have searched the API docs and discussion boards and have not found any info about how to get to the SforceService or where it comes from, so I am starting a new post for this.


I am using VS2008, but target the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 for a CE 5.0 device. I generated a Partner WSDL (Which includes the SforceService endpoint def.). In VS2008, I added a Web Reference (not a WCF Service Reference!) and found the service description using the URL:


(which looked successful).


I get the correct namespace added to my project with the proxy class for the service. When I try to set up the SOAP binding, I have no access to SforceService and cannot see it in the Object Browser. Is there something (i.e., an SDK) that I need to install to get this, or should it show up automatically from the service description while adding the Web Reference?


Please help! TIA, Dave