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Has anyone been using this actively ? We are in need of a mail-merge solution and this appears to provide the functionality we required for generating mailing labels within Word.


Any issues or problems we should be aware of ?


  • September 05, 2013
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Why is no one from Sales Force manning these forums ? So many questions never receive a reply !

Why is the download not referenced in the technical library ?

Is the VB Office Toolkit no longer supported ?

Where is the download for it ?


The documentation at:


fails to point to the relevant download link.

Can anyone speak to the differences between the two ?

Dos the newer Reports For Excel expose the library of functions to permit automation via VBA ?

Or is it best to use the Toolkit for that ?

Also, does one really need to have Sharepoint 2007 installed in order to run the Toolkit ?

That does not appear to be a requirement for the SF Reports For Excel addin.



I went to the above, and when I clicked on it, I landed on a page that had the download link and the above link.

However, when I attempted to go to the wiki link for the discussion http://bit.ly/NLpHRP

which had this text:

I landed on a dreamforce page....and could not log into it.

Help !

Hi, Everyone.

Now I'm working with SOAP in VB6 and I have some trouble.

What I need is to send SOAP to web server and save the result into a XML file.


Here is HttpRequest sample scraped from the site.


POST /Conllect/ExportSvc_JRJC.asmx HTTP/1.1

Host: www.ftp360.net

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

Content-Length: length

SOAPAction: "http://tempuri.org/ExportJRJC"



For more detailed information, please see the URL.



Please use some information;






I installed SOAP Toolkit3.0 and added Microsoft SOAP3.0 Library in VB reference dialog.

After googling, I wrote some code as below and there is no error.

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim client
Dim strg As String
Set client = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapClient30")
client.MSSoapInit "https://www.ftq360.net/Collect/ExportSvc_JRJC.asmx?wsdl"

End Sub


My trouble is that what I have to do after that!

I'm good at VB but don't know anything about Web Service.

I hope your quick help.

Thanks everybody.

I use the Excel Connector on a daily basis and was wondering if anyone had any tips or experiences building their own advanced functions



Specifically I would like to include a resetpassword function so I could easily add users through the connector without having to go back into the interface and create a view to send them a password validation email.


Looking at the reset password function here



You would think you could incorporate this into the excel connector.


To build your own it references knowing the sflookup_w function


Build your own

If you want to build more of these yourself, you'll probably want to look at how each of these calls sflookup_w and the values which you can pass to the salesforce.search function.


Anyone else have experience doing this?