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Hello I am trying to connect Tableau Online with Salesforce Canvas as I understand Tableau has a sparkler adapter, but from what I see you should be able to integrate them with saml enabled. I have been playing around with it and I am able to sign on to tableau online with saml which redirects me to salesforce to sign in and then i am allowed to go into tableau online. When I try to setup the canvas i keep receiving a message that the "X- Option Frame " is Deny 

I have two questions
1) Is there a "Open source" for the "Open CTI Adapter for Asterisk"
2) In case, I want to write a "Open CTI Adapter ", where can I find the "developer documentation" for the same?

Any help is appreciated.




We are testing our iOS app against the iOS 7 release coming out next month. We are having a lot of trouble with pushing the login buttons on the Salesforce login screen. The button touch surface seems too small to touch, although they look the same.


Have other people been having this problem with iOS 7 testing of the SalesforceSDK?



Is it possible to add an external trust seal (Verisign for example)  to my  *.secure.force.com public site?

How can I do that?


Hi, I am not able to login to force.com com ide for my Sandbox org. I am able to login into my sandbox through browser with same credentials. Tried to login by resetting my security token also. But still couldnt get it.


The error getting shown is,


Unable to connect to hostname 'test.salesforce.com'

Inavlid username, password, security token; or user locked out.

Please verify and/or change your credentials.

Hi there,


What IP address can I use to test the latency of accessing a visualforce page or calling a  webserivice in SFDC? Does anyone know? Thanks.