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I am new to SF and have been thrown in the deep end with something i have been asked to write :)


I have been asked to download a document from sf.


So far I have managed to get the login working via the REST api and am getting the following back:


public string id { get; set; }
public string issued_at { get; set; }
public string instance_url { get; set; }
public string signature { get; set; }
public string access_token { get; set; }

 I have also found an article saying that to download a document i need to call /services/data/v20.0/sobjects/Document/{id}/Body


It says I need to send Authorization: Bearer token


Is the Bearer token the access_token i retrieve in the login?


Also, I have uploaded a mp4 into "My Library". How do i find the document id for that mp4 please?


Any help would be much appreciated.






I have been thrown in the deep end!


I have been asked to write an api which logs into salesforce, downloads a file, uploads it to an external server for video encoding and then re-uploads it to salesforce.


I have been unable to find any examples of how to use oAuth in c#.net.


Has anyone managed to find or willing to share any code examples please?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







I am very new to Salesforce and till now I have been through the getting started docs on salesforce a little.  What we want to do in our project is to upload certain set of documents from a .Net web service on a folder on documents in salesforce.com.   

Can someone give me any idea how to proceed in the direction.