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When using the Open CTI interface and calling the "saveLog" method passing in a date/time value it does not seem to be saved into the object but all other fields are saved and no error message is passed back in the call back function - it just appears the date / time information is discarded


The date / time field in question is a custom field


This is not a field naming issue because if the name is incorrect a relevant error message is thrown back indicating that is the case


The date / time format is the one specified for the REST API but I have also tried a number of other variants


Below is an example of the request:


 sforce.interaction.saveLog('Task', 'Subject=ImportantTask&customDateTimeField__c=2013-10-20T12:38:00.000+0000', saveLogCallback);


In the above example a Task object would be created and the subject would be "ImportantTask" and the field 'customDateTimeField__c' would be empty


I suspect I am simply using the incorrect date/time format - if anyone knows the correct date/time format that would be very helpful

  • October 20, 2013
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