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I am currently using the Salesforce Live Agent. I have successfully setup the administrator and the operator accounts and am able to establish the chat from a site that is Customer Portal enabled.

What I need is to display the logged in user name and context on the operator console when a chat invite is accepted by the operator. Currently it displays the name as  "visitor:" beside the visitor's message. Can I have the name of the Logged in User here. Also I need the contact associated with the User to be displayed. How do I establish the connection with my salesforce org so that I can achieve this.

I also need to route the chat to the appropriate operator based on certain parameters of the logged in user. Ex I need to route the chat to the account owner of the visitor. I can see only the default routing(based on departments) and a way to route based on their current chat activity. Is there any other way to specify custom routing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.