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i want to know objects which are eligible for approval process and which are not. and i need to query those objects in a class. 


HI experts,
i have different recordTypes ,different permission sets, and different page layouts,  now i need to assign the page layouts to the permissionsets for  different  recordtypes
how to assign the page layouts with different record types Using permission sets.
please help me
Hi Experts i am writing a trigger on account object if  create contact checkbox is checked  then  it should create the contact with the same values given in  account  such as account name ,phone etc

here is my trigger

trigger accctrg on Account (after insert,after update) {
   Account acc = trigger.new[0];
    if(recclass.isrecursive = true){
         account ac = new account(id= acc.Id);
        if(acc.create_contact__c== true){
   Contact con = new Contact();
   con.LastName = ac.Name;
   con.Phone = ac.Phone;
   con.AccountId = acc.Id;
             update con;
trigger class to avoid recursion

public with sharing class recclass {
public static Boolean Isrecursive = true;

 iam not getting any errors but my code is not working
Hi  Experts
i have written a trigger on contact object  which ristrict the user to enter only text in  language field

trigger contrg on Contact (before insert, before update) {
Contact con = trigger.new[0];
string s1= con.Languages__c;
con.languages__c.Adderror('please enter only text');

it is working is throwing error when i hit sabe
but the false value which user given is remainig on the text feild so every time user have to delete and must give the correct value is there any way to Clear text field if validation fails


could any one tell me why i am getting this exception


System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded

when to go for eclipse and when to go for developer console