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Has anyone set up a customized FAQ in Salesforce?  My company has an FAQ document about our sales methodology that we want to post for sales reps.  I was thinking we could use Salesforce for it, but I'm not sure how to go about setting it up.  Any ideas?



I have created a custom object called Custom Data Request with a Master-Detail relationship to the standard Opportunity object.  I am trying to figure out a way to automatically update a field on the Opportunity object when one of the fields on the Custom Data Object is updated.  I've tried Cross-Object Formulas, but was told that you can't update a parent from a child with these.  I've also tried to create a Workflow Field Update, but when I put in the formula Custom_Data_Request__r.Total_Value__c, I get an error that "field Custom_Data_Request__r does not exist."  I am not up to speed on APEX coding, so I don't know how to create triggers.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to make this work?  Thanks.