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Dear All
I am a new Administrator to Salesforce and have installed the Salesforce labs Vacation management application and have some issues/questions - any help would be much appreciated:
1. When clicking on the employee search icon to find an employee, it seems to link to client contacts rather than users on the system.  Does anyone have a solution to this?
2. I would like to add a custom field to a users record, called holiday allowance, where I can enter their total holiday allowance for the year, can anyone advise me how to do this?
3. I would also like to add a calculated field, called vacation days remaining.  It would start at the same value as 'holiday allowance'
4. When entering a number of days off in the pto request, I would like the field to check against the users 'vacation days remainingif they have sufficient days remaining, the request for vacation should be submitted.  If not a message should be displayed telling the users what their remaining allowance is, so they can only submit the number of days allowed
Any help towards me achieving these goals would be much appreciated.
  • April 17, 2007
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