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I want to know how do you error handling when user enters invalid or empty data in the input fields of an object. How is the correct error message displayed next to the input field?
Thanks and regards,
Amit Sanghai.
I did not understand how to code for dependant picklists. Can anybody please explain to me how that is done?
Thanks and regards,
Amit Sanghai.
I am looking to try and create a dependant picklist management tool, but I have read several times that older versions of the API do not support the ability to manage fields.  Is this still the case?  Is there no way to:
1) Get the list of all the picklist fields (done)
2) Print out the values of the controlling field and the child field based on parent field values (done)
3) Generate a list of values to be updated in the parent and/or child controls (done)
*4) Update SF custom field with the values from my app
I am not finding any information that is helpful for #4.  Is it impossible to manage fields through code or is it just not exposed to developers yet?  Maybe I am missing where it explains this functionality, but if someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
We have a lot of dependant picklists to set up and while we love that the feature actually exists, the users are overwhelmed with how long it takes to manage the fields.