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We have an unusal requirement from the client. Two orgs are merging. Org 1(Target Org) has OWD Public read only and Org 2 (Source Org) has OWD private. The requirement is when Org1 and Org2 merge; users of Org1 Cannot see the data of Org2. The client is insisting that OWD of Org1 will reamain Public read only.

We have proposed setting OWD to private and opening ORG1 access using Permission Sets and Sharing Rules as such the users of ORG1 will not feel the difference but the client is saying; changing OWD of Org1 is not an option. 

We know this is not possible but we want to do our complete due diligence before going back to the client. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

I have recently come across an issue on a Visualforce page with rerendering an <apex:detail> section which contains a roll-up summary field. It appears that the rerender is performed before the roll-up summary field is recalculated  so the field on the VF page will always display the previous value




<apex:pageblock id="pageBlockToRerender">    
    <apex:detail relatedlist="False" subject="{!Stock_Order__c.id}"/>    		

<apex:commandbutton value="Add To Order" action="{!addToOrder}" rerender="pageBlockToRerender"/>  



In the example, clicking the command button creates a new order line item (which is a master detail of Stock_Order__c). The apex:detail contains a roll-up summary field which counts the number of order line items. The apex:detail section does get rerendered but this happens before the roll-up summary field is incremented.


Has anybody come across this issue before?




  • March 11, 2011
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