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I'd like to discuss wireframe tools for use specifying pages for development in VF.  I've done some specs for my developers just using MS-office tools like Viseo/Word/Excel.  For one page I used the trial version of Balamiq.  I'm starting to read about more powerful tools like axure.


I'd like to hear what other people are using and get ideas of benefits of each tool.


It would be nice for any tool if there was already existing, or a way to build an element that looked like pageblock, pageblocksection, and pageblocktable.  But I was able to fake it enough with just regular drawing in Balamiq.


I don't know how important it is to have a tool that actually produces a prototype page in HTML.  It might be a total rewrite when you implement in VF if you are using the native VF tags.  On the other hand, if you scrapped the SF look-and-feel and wanted a custom HTML page that resides in VF, it might be a good feature.


So what are people using?