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I have this use case:
  • A company currently has many uniquely branded non-salesforce knowledge base sites.
  • They want to use Salesforce for their public knowledge base using the PKB2 app (free salesforce app exchange app)
  • Out of the box PKB2 app lets a company create a site that uses a custom url that is something like http:/Company.com/company/pkb_Home
  • can the company have several different branded PKB sites within the one instant of the PKB site (for example, based on a parameter passed  to pkb_home, the user sees a different layout)
  • Does the company need more then 1 PKB site, and if so how can this happen?
We have a need to copy the data from the LoginHistory object to a custon loginHistory object on a regular basis. This is a large organization with a lot of activity. I know we can do this manually with the dataloader. 

Can an Apex Batch job support this type of activity?

Can anyone point us to some sampple apex code that copies data from one object to another?

We would like to use MVC design and would like to decouple our queries from our controller class. Can we create model classes to contain all of our queries and instatiate them in our cotroller classes. Our goal is to have a model class for each object and use them in multiple cotrollers. What is the best practive?