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Hi All,

Need some advice re Locker Service.  As locker service will be auto enabled in Summer ’17 release, has anyone activated the LockerService critical update and test in sandbox to verify the correct behaviour of the components? If so, would be great to know what kind of issues faces and any recommended approach, best practice to resolve those? . 

Thanks in advance. 
Hi All,

We are facing an issue after Spring'17 update in sandbox .It seems ui:click is no longer support after the new release.

We have some existing functionality where ui:click has been used within lightning components . After Spring’17 update to the sandboxes, it seems not working any more . Still it is  fine in lower version of sandbox.

Anyone else facing this issue ?

Problematic code :
 <aura:handler name="click" event="ui:click" action="{!c.handleClickEvent}"/>  

If this is not supported anymore, any suggested solution would be appreciated. 

Thanks a lot .