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I have searched for a while on this topic and have not found a definitive response. If I freeze a user and that user is already logged in, will their current session be frozen?

I believe I can navigate to active sessions and see if they are on from there, but I am curious if freeze user will essentially take care of it in one shot.

Thanks all.
Hi Support team,

We are setting up SSO in Salesforce org with Federated authentication in which Salesforce is an Identity provider and a third party application is a Service provider. We were able to generate the SAML assertion to the Service Provider. But, Service Provider is expecting to fetch additional attributes from the Identity provider using the Attribute Query Service and below are the questions pertaining to this.

• Where to specify the Attribute Query URL in Salesforce? Couldn’t find any information on Salesforce help
• How can we achieve this with in Salesforce? Is there any specific setting for this?
• Is it sufficient if we provide the Identity provider URL to Service provider for the additional Attribute Query?

Kindly guide us in the right direction to achieve this and we are expecting the response ASAP.

Thanks in advance!