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Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Sales Operation dashboard isn't configured according to the requirements. 1. The Bar chart, Gauge and Donut must measure Sum of Amount and must be named correctly. 2. The filter must be named Stage value. 3. The dashboard should run as the logged in user.

Im attaching the images User-added image

User-added imageUser-added image

Still im not able to rectifiy what is wrong
Hello community!

I know there are like a thousand posts related to this challenge. But none of those seem to have a trustable answer and we can find several discrepances between all posts, questions and answers. This is just me trying to figure out whats actually wrong with this.

The error message: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Fulfillment Creation process does not appear to be working properly. Please check that your task was created with all of the field values set appropriately.

I condensed all the inmediate actions in One Node, since that's what i tought I had to do. I've read in different threads about people having two and people using one.
User-added image

User-added image

Now the record updates

User-added image
User-added image

And the Task, where it's supossed to be failing according to the error message...
User-added image
I just don't know where is the problem, it could be only a field reference that is wrong or the entire process (I hope not).

Thanks for the answers and the help!
I just can't seem to get pass stage 10, as I keep getting, the below error:
"The View Lightning Campaign Influence Report link on the Campaign object must use a relative URL and dynamic filter values."
I have tried with different trail orgs and same issue persists.  Has anyone tried this challenge recently and do you have this issue?

The link in the button I have is "/one/one.app#/sObject/00O0N000004ti60/view?fv0={!Campaign.Id}" - the ID of the report is correct and when clicked from campaign it filters correctly.
Campaign report link

I keep getting the following error message, even after trying in 3 new playgrounds: 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Some billing state names do not meet data quality standards, or the data import was unsuccessful.

I followed all of the instructions:
1. Installed unmanaged package in the new playground
2. Added Residential picklist type to Accounts
3. Cleaned up Account list:
a. Removed "Household" from Account name (this wasn't specified, but it didn't seem necessary)
b. Removed duplicate records
c. Changed accounts in ALL CAPS to only cap first letter of first and last name
d. Changed state name to 3 letter State code
e. Saved as .CSV file
4. Imported list using Import Wizard

I received an email confirming the import was successful with 11 rows processed and I see the accounts when I search up accounts in the playground. 

Thanks in advance for any help!