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Change the default field to view from Subject to Type once a Task is created on an Object.Currently it is displaying Task Subject can this be changed to task  Type field ? If yes then what's the the route to so ?

Can someone help me understand how can I get rid of the yellow alert icon on the Lightning Opportunity Kanban View ?I can't remove the New Task & New Event actions from the Activity tab sincewe have certain functionality around it but we also don't want that yellow alert icon at the same time.It is somehow annoying.

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Hi all,

Can anyone suggest me an Out of the Box solution first for my requirement below.If it does not work with out of the box then please help me out with the Coding approach.

My requirement is  whenever a Contact Role with role as  Executive Sponsor is added in the system then the associated Opportunity has a checkbox field that needs to be checked.
Note :This checkbox field should be checked only when contact role is added and the role assigned in “Executive Sponsor”

how does salesforce database recognize data coming from different orgs  ?
I'am creating a custom button named "attach file"  on the contact detail page i want to hide the "attach File" button from the "Notes and Attachments" section in he related list
Quesn:How can I hide the Attach File button from Notes & Attachments related list?
Please help me out with this issue