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Reference: Closed Case #11065574.
Unable to repost/clone case question in support. :/

Let me first state, I am not a developer, but am filling in for my organization because our developer has her hands full and cannot make time for this project. So, if you could kindly respond with steps, videos, or tutorials that would make sense to a 10 year old using this program, that would be helpful.
I am trying to create a custom field that has custom tracking.
On my Contact Layout Page, I have a history tracking field that is titled "Customer History". This related list tracks all changes to standard fields indicated as well as few custom fields.
I would like to create an ENTIRELY SEPARATE related list for tracking titled "OCN Contact History". This tracking would act the same as the "Customer History" tracking above, but ONLY TRACK ONE custom created field - "OCN Contact".
Essentially, we recently started using OCN - One Call Now to manage our outgoing phone calls. Ideally, I would like to be able to simply import the Excel Spreadsheet that we sent to OCN to make the calls, into SF to update all customer accounts affected. But our developer has told us this is a tedious process.
So, as a workaround, if we create this custom short text field, with a separate tracking area for changes, we should be able to update accounts in 3 seconds or less.
OCN Contact: Call. SAVE.
The custom OCN CONTACT HISTORY panel would then display:
Date/Time Stamp          User                             Action
10/2/2014 9:42am        Nature's Select           Changed OCN Contact to Call.
We could then, at a glance, view all OCN contacts made on a customer record at a glance, without digging through pages of general Customer History to find what we need.
So, I need to know:
How to create a custom related list (is that the correct term for the OCN CONTACT HISTORY area I would like)?
How to create a custom field (OCN CONTACT), with history  tracking, set to only record its edited records in the custom list  OCN CONTACT HISTORY.
Thanks for all your help!