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I ned to parse xml that has tags with same name, i have no issues getting any unique ones
<organisationName>Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research</organisationName>
<effectiveFrom>2007-12-03</effectiveFrom> </mainName>
<mainBusinessPhysicalAddress> <stateCode>ACT</stateCode> <postcode>2600</postcode> <effectiveFrom>2007-12-03</effectiveFrom> <effectiveT o>0001-01-01</effectiveT o>

i need to extract effectiveFrom date out of mainBusinessPhysicalAddress
here is what i use
if ('effectiveto' == reader.getLocalName()) {
               if(reader.getEventType() == XmlTag.START_ELEMENT) reader.next();
                    resultRecord.effectiveAdressDate = reader.getText();

however it just pick the first one how do i point it to the second part of XML?
I'm generating conga merge via pex code, i need ot pass querry parameters
here how i do it
'&QueryId='+ congaQuery2[0].id+
works  fine however if i add second querry
'&QueryId='+ congaQuery2[0].id+','congaQuery1[0].id +

it only takes the first one 
even if i swap places, the one that comes after th Comma is ignored, works fine with  button when i put querry  ID

can anyone help? conga support could not