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Guyz...I am fed up reading junction objects, some say that it is only with two master details relation ships, some say that it can be with two lookup relationships also and some say it can be a combination of both. But at the end I am not clear which can be called as the junction object. Can if someone really explain this with a small example, a billion thanks. 
How to debug in eclipse in force.com plugin. I have installed eclipse juno, got all data into my eclipse from my dev org. I want to debug a trigger which works on creating an account. How to set debug point ot how to debug it. am not seeing any debug mode
two user with same profile ,1 user can see only record owned by him and 2 user he is able to see all the records owned by him and 1 user (read only both  the records)....how this gone be achieved

1.without changing profile 
2.with changing profile