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Hi Everyone,



I would like to check logged user role with a role of particular record owner. If logged user role is on top of the record owner user role then I would like to show a visualforce page. any idea How to do that it very simply ?


Thanks in advance !

I'm trying to test an Apex method that calls an @future method.  I looks like my testing works up until the point where the @future test is called.  The test checks some results from the @future method and it looks like they haven't been executed yet.


Does @future execute asyncronously in test mode?


If so, how does one test @future methods?



Hi there,

I'm trying to create a validation rule to ensure that when a user creates an Opportunity that they also create at least one Opportunity Contact Role.

I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, because validation would have to occur on the edit page of the Opportunity, but OCRs aren't created there. However, when I go to create a validation rule for Opportunity, in the list of available merge fields, there's a field called ContactID. What does that refer to and would it be useful for my purpose?

Thanks for any help!