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The salesforce documentation regarding custom object limit states - 10 custom objects per license (custom objects in managed packages don’t count towards this limit) as per the link (https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=users_license_types_communities.htm&language=en_US). Does this mean that a developer who is creating an app (which will be distributed as a managed package) for "Customer Community" user can only have only 10 custom objects? Or Does this mean that for a "Customer Community" user the sum of all custom objects in all the apps have to be 10?

Also since it states that custom objects in managed package are not counted in this limit, can a developer have more than 10 custom objects if the application is distributed via a managed package?

Even though the Link (http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/17609/community-licenses-limit-of-custom-objects) states that this is a contractual limitation rather than a technical and installed packages do not count toward this limit, I just want to be sure
We are working on a patch build in our patch org and trying to make some change in the html markup in a component. its a simple text change. Eg. we are changing <p>text1</p> to <p>text2</p>. 
The change does not involve changing any attribute of the component. 
We are not able to do this as when we try to save the component we are getting the following error 
"Managed Package Patch Modification Exception: A change was made to the patch release that will change the visible behavior of the application"
Also found a similar issue mentioned at http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/3710/trying-to-update-a-component-in-patch-organization-says-managed-package-patch-mo

We created a case with salesforce but were asked to post on the developer forum. 

As far as we know this error should only show up if we are making any changes in the attribute of the component but here we just want to change some html markup in the component body. As per the above mentioned link if this is a platform bug, what can be done to get it resolved.

Thanks in advance