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Hi Everyone,

How to Integrate Salesforce with TFS using Rest Api.
I want to send data from salesforce to TFS using Rest Api. I know using outbound message but i need Rest.
Please help me it's urgent.

Thank you.

We are currently running numerous soql queries via the rest api.


The issue we see is that sporadically throughout the day we will receive


"message"=>"Your query request was running for too long.", "errorCode"=>"QUERY_TIMEOUT"


errors.  The same queries will run fine at diffferent times during the day as well..


So my quesiton is what are the limits/timeout settings using the REST API.  In the documentation I don't see anything about how to set a time out or any limit settings, like we could do in the SOAP API..  We think it appears to be timing out around 1 minute.


Any help is appreciated..

The class attribute isn't being set when I use outputField. As you can see in my example the HTML output is missing the class attribute which was set to XXX

My Page:

<apex:page controller="TestPageCon">
<apex:outputField styleClass='XXX' value='{!field.amount}'/>

My Controller:

public class TestPageCon {
public Opportunity getField() {
return [select id, amount from Opportunity limit 1];

Actual HTML output:

<span id="j_id0:j_id1">$60,000.00</span>

Where did my XXX go?

Please help me how to to send an email using EmailTemplate with letterhead information? Am I missing something here.
'targetObjectId' - sets the context and ensures that merge fields in the template contain the correct data.
'templateId'  - The ID of the template to be merged to create this email.

//create single email message

var request = new sforce.SingleEmailMessage();

//set id

request.targetObjectId = id;

//set email template id

request.templateId = emailTemplateId;

//send email

var result = sforce.connection.sendEmail([request]);

if (!result[0].getBoolean("success")) {



  • February 23, 2008
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