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Hi Developers any basic code to hide the rows in a table based on the user action, I am aware of the controller, I am fnding it diffcult to achieve in the JS, I have been searching the forum all day long!

Hi Developers any basic code to hide the rows in a table based on the user action, I am aware of the controller, I am fnding it diffcult to achieve in the JS, I have been searching the forum all day long!



     I have a scenario i.e, in my case object one field is there(Formulae field)...that should be in colour .

When a case is created that field is in green colour,when case is not opened upto 30 min than the field should updated with yellow colour as well as if,case is not opened for 1 day than it is automatically converted into red colour.How can i acheive this with oud coding.

Hi Forum.

     I am working on some development and I am facing few hicups with creating an algorithm for it. Please let me know if anyone has done this.

I have a list of object and this list contains object with duplicate values, I would like to eliminate the duplicates based on the Created date. Example imagine in the list I have two entity like this
Record1==> {obj.Name: Kat, Created Date: 6th july 2015}
Record2==>{obj.Name: Kat, Created Date: 7th july 2015}.
I would like to eliminate Record1 and keep Record2.

Many thanks
Hello All, I was just wondering if I could get a sample code of using nested list i.e. example
List<List<Set<Integer>>> my_list_2 = new List<List<Set<Integer>>>();
Just wondering what will be usage of the nested lists (Any pros and cons) and how to add entities to nested list and get it back.

Hi All, I would really appreciate any help on this, I am building a knowledge and answers site and I am using the chatter answers tag, I would like to display an error message to the user when the specified word is used while posting a question or replying to a question, The word can for example “Darn”

I did try adding the apex page message and this didn’t work, Does anyone has encountered this and found a workaround please let me know,

Thanks in advance.

Hi Developer forum, I am facing some issues with respect to click to dial functionality on a custom VF page, I did try and use 

<script src="/support/api/29.0/interaction.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


This is a column: <support:clickToDial number="{!r.Phone_Number__c}" entityId="{!r.id}"/>

but when I run the page it says click to dial disabled. when I hover over the phone icon on the VF page, Not sure what I am missing out here, Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. This is a inline VF page on another object standard detail page.


Hi there, I have an approval process and in this approval process I have added an email template with merge fields (ApprovalRequest.Comments) for comments and this template I have used in the final rejection action as an email alert but when I receive the email, I get this field value as blank even though the user has entered the comment, I did also search and found that


ApprovalsIf the email template you choose contains approval merge fields named{!ApprovalRequest.field_name}, these fields will return values only when that email template is used as the approval assignment template. If you use the template for any other email alert action—in either workflow rules or approval processes—the merge fields will return a null value.


Any help/comments on this is greatly appreciated




  • September 03, 2013
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Hello there people i have a simple class for which i am working on a test class and cant seem to figure out to pass the record id... The whole function is i have page with two page blocksections and then pass the boolean value from class to page so that for certain record type only releted page blocksection should be visible... Here is the piece of class and i have marked the lines that was not covered by test

public class cont{

 public boolean boolval{get;set;}
    public cont(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
        customobject pr = (customobject)controller.getRecord();
			customobject  pr1 = [select id, RecordTypeId from customobject where id =  :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id')];  
			if  (pr1.RecordTypeId == 'ID of the record type/or label')
			boolval=false; // not covered in test
	    else if(ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('RecordType')== 'ID of the record type/or label')
        boolval=true; // not covered in test
private class contTest {

        static testMethod void testcont()
         customobject pr = new customobject();
         insert pr;
          PageReference pageRef = Page.custompage;
          pageRef .getParameters().put('id',pr.id);
           ApexPages.StandardController controller = new ApexPages.StandardController(pr); 
           PerformanceReviewController cont = new PerformanceReviewController(controller);  
            customobject pr1 = new customobject();
           PageReference pageRef1 = Page.custompage;
          pageRef1 .getParameters().put('RecordTypeid','0124000000015Sq');
           ApexPages.StandardController controller1 = new ApexPages.StandardController(pr1); 
           PerformanceReviewController cont1 = new PerformanceReviewController(controller1);  


as " not covered ".... Thanks in advance if ayone would help me out... Any help would be deeply

Appreciated :smileyhappy :)

Hello Everybody.... Thanks to anyone who can lend me some insights on my problem..


        First of all i am writting a simple trigger on content object to update a custom lookup field, but not seem able to query the fields on content object, when i generated the API in the org i could see that all the custom fields are under the object name ContentVersion....


         Wat i am trying to do is, there a an opportunity lookup field on content object and then there is another field called project lookup field on content object, I want to populate this project field by getting the data from related opportunity(from which i want to pull the data to populate project field on content object)..  here is my code.. Any suggestions wil be very helpful thanks..




trigger ProjectName on ContentVersion(after insert)
    set<id> oppid = new set<id>();
    set<id> contid = new set<id>();
 //   set<id> conwsid =new set<id>();
    List<ContentVersion> content = new List<ContentVersion>();
    content=[select ContentDocumentId,Opportunity__c from ContentVersion where Id in:Trigger.new];
    // List<ContentWorkspaceDoc> cow = new List<ContentWorkspaceDoc>();
   //cow=[select ContentWorkspaceId from ContentWorkspaceDoc where ContentDocumentId in:contid ];
    for(ContentVersion c:content)
  /*  for(ContentWorkspaceDoc cw:cow)
    List<ContentVersion> updatecontent = new List<ContentVersion>();
    List<Opportunity> opp = new List<Opportunity>();
    opp = [select id, DreamTeam_Project__c from opportunity where id in: oppid ];
    List<ContentVersion> cont = new List<ContentVersion>();
    cont=[select id,DreamTeam_Project__c from ContentVersion where id in:contid and opportunity__c in:oppid and Id in:contid];//and RecordTypeId=:'00h400000013I6S'];
    for(Opportunity op:opp){
    for(ContentVersion cv:cont){
    cv.DreamTeam_Project__c = op.DreamTeam_Project__c;
   update updatecontent;


  • September 07, 2011
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Hello Hi, there.... Today was working on VF page and the requirement was like this.. First of all i have a VF page which will display the data and the fields from on object.. Example assume there are two fields in the object, and lets assume these fields are Name, Age...Now if i run the VF page it will display name and age fields and the data stored in that object... But what i want to do is--- I want to display the new field called Address on a VF page as soon as i go and add this(address) field in the object through set up menu.. Is this possible!!!... I will be glad with any help and i would thank them advance for it:)

I have page, Which inturn contains picklists like category when I select one category then the data related to that catogory must be displayed in the table.. Which is all working fine (page/class)but I am getting an error saying ,Too many query rows: 10001.. So can anyone, help me work around this problem...