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I have an issue with Salesforce1 Lightning Component with-in Salesforce1 on iPhone 4s and 5 after Summer '15 upgrade. The same Lightning Component works from another Sandbox that is on Spring '15 (same phones). But, when I switch over to running on the upgraded to Summer '15 Org it is throwing this error: "Uncaught error in markup://native:hostComponent : Unknown component: markup://c:component_name" when running the component with-in Salesforce1. I have looked all through my code and Aura documentation to see what degraded but see nothing. I have looked on Salesforce Developer and read through the documentation for Summer '15 Lightning Developer's Guide and can not find anything that should be causing this. Has anyone else seen this? Note: I can run the Lightning Component with Salesforce1 if run from Safari on the same phone but will not work straight in the Salesforce1 App on the phone.