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have a custom object called Bookings in our org.
This is fed off the opportunities and we have a current custom button that is called "modify order".

This button triggers a workflow email as well another workflow to check modify order as true.

Because we have a javascript code that pops up a window, it is not showing any validation rule even though I put this logic check below


try { 

// identify the record 
var o = new sforce.SObject("Booking__c"); 
o.id = "{!Booking__c.Id}"; 

// make the field change 
o.Modify_Order__c= "TRUE"; 

// save the change 
var resulto = sforce.connection.update([o]); 

alert('Your Order has been Submitted for Modification'); 

else { 
var errors = resulto[0].errors; 
var errorMessages = "An error has occurred, please contact your Salesforce Administrator"; 

for ( var i = 0; i < errors.length; i++ ) { 
errorMessages += errors[i].message + '\n'; 

alert( errorMessages ); // display all validation errors 

} catch ( ex ) { 

alert( ex ); // display any javascript exception message 

HI all,
I am a new salesforce admin ~2 months so please bear with me...

I am looking using an online form through wufoo for a dinner/seminar that is tied to a specific campaign.
The campaign is already created in Salesforce but because these online forms are not connecetd or tied in with sfdc, we haev to manually add them in or use a dataloader to attach them to a specific campaign.

I was wondering if there was a way for the "Note title Field", in Wufoo to automatiaclly create the lead then attach the lead to a specific campaign using the name to identify.

THank you