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Hi all,

How to read barcode from salesforce1 app . can anybody please suggest me how to read barcode using salesforce1 ..?


I ahve a requirement Bar code Genarator. Using with VF Page.please help me any one.

  • August 13, 2014
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two pages use the same controller, one is a general visual page and another is rendered as pdf.
when dispatch to the pdf page, I can see the pdf well, but cannot save the pdf with chrome while Firefox, Safari are ok.
bellow is some related code,
public PageReference newPage()
        return Page.DownloadUnmatchedLeads;


I am currently trying to have a PDF created based on a field update.

The issue is that it seems that getContent() and getContentAsPDF() don't work when called within a trigger. 


Does anyone know a work around for this or is this something that I won't be able to accomplish.\



  • August 10, 2012
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I have a FDF code (machine language code) which I am generating through Web service and I need to show it in PDF which I can understand.


Please help on this.





Hello Everyone


I am getting TIFF images from my vendor. I have to show them into my VF pages.

The images are rendering properly in IE, but not in Mozilla or Chrome. I read online TIFF images are not supported in Mozilla etc.

Does anybody have an idea, how can i convert my images to JPEG inside Salesforce, either by calling some external service or anything else.


Thanks for looking