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Hi all,

We're using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector 5.490 which comes along with triggered sends. triggered send may fire as soon as a record meets the criteria of a specific send.

Then, we have a coding running everytime a lead is created. In the final step the class updates a checkbox on the lead record:
lead.put('checkbox__c', true). I can ses on the record coding is working an checkbox is updated.

I also created a Marketing Cloud triggered send with the following criteria: test__c = true, that is checked every time a new record is created or existing record is updated to subsequently meet criteria.

However if the APEX coding checks the checkbox, the triggered send is not fired. If a user checks the same field, the email is send.
Other triggered sends on the lead object are running without probelms.

Has anybody already experiences a similar behaviour? Are there any workarounds?