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Working on trailhead challenge.  Trying nested if statement in formula  basically > or equal to 25=early   between 25 and 75 =middle  >75 late
here is my formula  keep getting error

IF( Percent_Complete__c  <= 25), "Early",
 IF( AND ( Percent_Complete__c >25, Percent_Complete__c  <= 75),"Middle",
 IF( Percent_Complete__c >75,"Late"))) 
unit 3 creating a custom formula filed that calculates the day of the week.
I think my formula is good, and it brings back Monday as teh day of the week, but when I validate in trailhead it says it is not returning the correct day.  my formula is here  CASE( MOD( TODAY() - DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7), 0, "Sunday", 1, "Monday", 2, "Tuesday", 3, 
"Wednesday", 4, "Thursday", 5, "Friday", 6, "Saturday","Error")

I'm getting an "Insufficient Privileges" error message when I try adding my reCAPTCHA API key.  I have seen posts from others who have gotten past this step.  Hence, I am wondering if this is because I'm on the Professional version, even though the Spring 17 notes say that reCAPTCHA is available for Professional.

Anyone know about API Key Privileges?  Or anyone on Professional been able to succesfully enter an API key?