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i'd like to have a user from a picklist field in the case (let's call him user 1) automatically follow a case the moment it's created so he gets feed update in his chatter.

Anyone can help me with that?


Any thoughts or ideas on this one? I set up a workflow rule so that case comments are posted to the case's chatter feed, but that doesn't help too much if the case team members aren't following the case. Any thoughts on ways to have this done automatically?


My first thought was a trigger that, on insert/update:

  1. Queried the case team members
  2. Created an EntitySubscription for parentid=case.id and subscriberid=caseTeamMember.id
  3. Tests for existing EntitySubscription to prevent 'DUPLICATE_VALUE' error
  4. Tests to make sure it does not put the user over the 500 following limit

I have a trigger that I have not rolled out to production yet that has users automatically follow accounts if they are in any of 5 'account team member' fields (not a related list, just lookup fields), and I figure this would be similar, but I'd love to hear any ideas on a better/simpler way to accomplish this goal.